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Do you have trees in your yard that might require professional attention? Then you have come to the right place for a reliable tree service!

Welcome to Kegleys Tree Service!

Based in Disputanta, VA, our tree company is the leading provider of high-quality tree services in the area!

Since our company establishment in 2004, we have managed to satisfy many customers and deliver them from any tree worries! We are licensed and insured – our tree service quality is guaranteed! The tree solutions provided by our company include:

– thorough tree inspection

– tree removal

– tree pruning

– stump grinding and removal

– and much more!

Tree services need the professional methods which we possess
Kegleys Tree Service advises Disputanta, VA folks not to perform any tree service by themselves. The reason for this is that many people have tried and failed – paying a dear price in the process. Undertaking tree removal by yourself can result in severe injuries or incredible property loss.

Tree Service

Do not harm yourself or your house in any way – allow us to perform the necessary tree service safely, while you sit down and rest. Our highly experienced and trained professionals are completely prepared – they have all the necessary knowledge and equipment required for any tree task!

Another service in which our clients are very interested in is tree pruning!

Pruning is a process in which a highly experienced specialist climbs a tree, and using a variety of tools, starts to “clean” the tree. After locating feeble branches and dried-out leaves, our tree technicians will remove them. Service pruning is excellent for the health of the tree – this maintenance is done so the nutrient flow inside of the tree can be restored back to normal. Our highly trained specialists are standing by, for your request!

The tree contractor which offers you useful services

In addition to our tree trimming services, our tree contractor also offers a service from which you can benefit greatly. Stump grinding! The stumps are remnants of a tree – just by looking at one, you know that removing such a thing will not be easy. This is why our company can deliver a stump grinding service that will impress everyone! People in the area can come to 4507 Tatum Rd, Disputanta, VA 23842, and see for themselves.

The highly experienced and qualified professionals of our tree company are more than capable of delivering the results you seek – without delay!

Kegleys Tree Service is a tree contractor that takes all of its Disputanta, VA jobs very seriously. More than anyone else, we understand the dangers of performing a high-quality tree service. There are many dangers within the tree business, but we have dedicated our lives to delivering the tree service you deserve. If you have tree trouble, do not hesitate – call us and we guarantee to resolve any tree issues quickly and efficiently!

We operate at budget-friendly prices, so you don’t need to feel worried about upsetting your financial balance. You can receive full information on our tree services at the number provided below – we will be happy to assist you!

Call us today – (804) 720-8321

Client’s Testimonial

fascinating results

I was maintaining my lawn all by myself, but after I called them, they arrived at the exact time and the results were fascinating. My lawn had been cared for with high attention!

Kegleys Tree Service
Address: Disputanta, VA 23842
Phone: (804) 720-8321

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Inspection
  • Tree Pruning
  • Stump Grinding
  • Stump Removal

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